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Peavey Musebox Virtual Instrument and Effects Module


The Radical Flexible Musical Instrument And Effects Box

Warning. Everything sold into the state of California contains agents known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects, reproductive harm, or other, as yet unnamed, harm to its citizenry.

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MuseBox takes advantage of virtual instrument and effects software for cutting-edge sounds and unprecedented flexibility. Portable, compact, and completely self-contained – just plug in, and play!

Simple Sound-Finder based user interface lets you find that just right sound or effect FAST.

Tweak and program instruments and effects by simply connecting a mouse, monitor and keyboard directly to the MuseBox. Or edit and program remotely by connecting the MuseBox to your computer and running the exclusive Muse Remote software.

Two pro-grade mic/instrument inputs on the front panel allow you to connect your mic and guitar so you can handle any performance situation.

MIDI jack and line inputs on the back let you compliment your existing keyboard sounds with exciting new software-based instruments.

Is it an effects processor? A sound module? A synthesizer? How about an amp modeler? A virtual piano? Or a killer e-drum kit? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!

The super portable, super flexible MuseBox Musical Instrument and Effects Box from Muse Research and Development uses virtual instruments and effects technology in a brand new way, so you can easily take them to your rehearsals, gigs, to the practice room, or to the studio. Using technology derived from its powerful big brother, the award-winning RECEPTOR Hardware Plug-in Player, this compact 2U half rack design is ultimately portable, incredibly versatile, and built for the road.

The key to MuseBox is its custom software environment that takes computer technology and turns it into a musical instrument that works in any musical situation for any kind of musician. Now you can harness the world’s best sounding virtual instruments and most versatile, tone-laden effects and take them anywhere – and everywhere.

It’s Anything You Want It To Be

MuseBox features incredibly flexible I/O, with front panel guitar and microphone inputs, MIDI, and USB. So you can play through it, sing through it, process your keyboards, play along to backing tracks, and of course, create lush keyboard sounds with your MIDI controller. Guitarists can use it to run their favorite amp modeling software, multi-effects libraries and more. Singers can enhance their vocals with reverb, compression, de-essing and pitch correction in real time. Keyboardists can run virtual pianos and delicious sounding virtual instruments with super-low latency and superb stability.

Sounds Great Right Out Of The Box

MuseBox comes pre-loaded. Simply turn it on, press the PLAY button, select the sound of your choice and off you go into the superior sounding world of virtual instruments and effects. It’s got all the “meat and potatoes” keyboards to cut any gig. Guitarists will dig Peavey’s ReValver HP Guitar Amp Modeler for killer sounds. And of course there is an ample supply of essential effects, including Reverbs and Chorus.

Find Sounds Fast

MuseBox’s SoundFinder preset architecture lets you quickly sort through thousands of presets to find the sound you are looking for… and it automatically adds new presets as you add additional virtual instruments and effects to the MuseBox.

Easy And Intuitive

You’ll find MuseBox easy to use right from the get-go. Our front panel allows quick and intuitive access to whatever you have loaded in your MuseBox, so you can call up sounds, tweak parameters, edit effects chains, whatever you need.


Intel Dual-Core Processor
Front panel headphone output
Full Size MIDI input
Four USB ports
VGA video output for viewing / editing software interface of plug-ins
Passive mix mode for connecting external CD or MP3 player, drum machine, etc.
Dedicated mic/instrument input volume control and 3 segment LED meters
Ethernet port
New, two channel “DUO HOST” VST plug-in host environment running on Linux
SoundFinder preset structure for easy selection of presets
A variety of essential high quality keyboard sounds are included
2 channels line level unbalanced outputs
Peavey ReValver HP guitar amplifier modeling software
2 channels line level balanced inputs OR 2 channel mic/instrument inputs
Assortment of effects, including Reverb and Chorus
8GB Flash IDE disc module
RECEPTOR Remote control for control from a computer
2GB of DDR-2 RAM
MuseControl software interface for controlling individual plug-in GUIs
Phantom power
Weight Packed: 6.00 lb(2.72 kg)
Width Packed: 10″(25.4 cm)
Height Packed: 12″(30.48 cm)
Depth Packed: 4″(10.16 cm)