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DW Machined Chain Drive Single Pedal


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DW Machined Chain Drive Single Pedal ( DWCPMCD )

Machined from solid aluminum, the DW MCD Machined Chain Drive bass drum pedal offers you the smooth and precise action of a fully adjustable sprocket-less cam, which lets you quickly shift between popular chain-drive cam settings. Features such as a perforated footboard with contoured heel plate, interlocking Delta hinge, and Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe-Clamp give the MCD the feel of a well-tuned race car. The V.E.R.T. Vertical Sliding Spring Adjustment and customizable control beater, which offer adjustable weight/impact, and more, all serve to make this one of DW’s finest bass drum pedals.

DW Machined Single Bass Drum Pedal Features:

Machined from solid aluminum for a sleek look and smooth feel
Sprocket-less drive cam includes shift lever for switching between cam settings
Perforated solid-aluminum footboard with contoured heel plate
Interlocking Delta hinge and Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe-Clamp add stability
V.E.R.T. Vertical Spring Adjustment lets you fine-tune your action
Control beater with adjustable weight/impact for the perfect stroke
Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp is secure, yet easy on bass drum hoops
Floating Rotor Drive System