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Used Numark KMX02 Professional Karaoke Mixing Station / With Case


An all-inclusive karaoke system with an innovative Key Change function.

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Used in good condition.

Includes Case.

Please note : Does not include original packaging or documentation

The Numark KMX02 Karaoke Mix Station features dual CD+G drives with an integrated music mixer and is an ideal all-in-one solution for DJs and clubs to add Karaoke to their entertainment mix. Offering three microphone inputs with tone control, two switch controlled composite video outputs for graphics, and +/-12% pitch control with a pitch bend wheel among its key attributes, the KMX02 is ideal for mixing Karaoke CD+G and regular audio CDs. The KMX02 machine has a key change knob to adjust the musical key in half steps without changing the speed. Key change is very useful for karaoke DJs by allowing you to adjust the key of the song to accommodate the vocal range of the karaoke performer. Rotating the knob to the left will result in a lower key (flat), while rotating to the right will result in a higher key (sharp).


Composite video outs tied to crossfader
Key change adjust for songs
CD+G and CD audio support
Three mic inputs w/tone control (Combo XLR & 1/4″ in front; Two 1/4″ in back)
Echo effect control on mic inputs
EQ in master section
Switchable external inputs for two line level signals
+/-8%, +/-16% pitch bend capability via pitch bend/jog wheel
True continuous playback and track sequence programmable
Fader start button for precise song starts