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Audio-Technica AL60 Omnidirectional Outside Loudspeaker


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Audio-Technica AL60 Omnidirectional Outside Loudspeaker

The ATUS AL60 is a weather-resistant, two-way speaker system designed to deliver music and voice over a 360 degree horizontal coverage area., with a fequency response of 100 Hz to 18 KHz. The narrow vertical coverage (nominally 30 degrees) helps direct the sound to the desired height without unwanted coverage in other areas. It is recommended for outdoor and indoor environments such as theme parks, pools, patios, malls, pavilions, arboretums and public reception areas.

The AL60 features a rugged, molded case of heavy-duty ABS in a neutral beige color. The AL60 is impervious to rust, corrosion and extrems of temperature and humidity. Designed for easy, flexible installation the system provides two mounting alternatives. The speaker may be mounted directly to the top of the vertical, threaded pipe or mounted on top of a vertical, threaded pipe or mounted to a flat surface with the included bracket.

The AL60 features a built-in 70.7 V line transformer. Wattage tps may be easily selected or changed without soldering. The AL60 provides 15W, 8W, 4W and 2W taps. These are located adjacent to the screw terminals for the 70.7 V speaker wire connection in a covered compartment beneath the speaker enclosure.